The Chapter promotes the Merit Shop concept.

We believe in the system of Free Enterprise.

We believe that employees and employers should have the right to determine wages and working conditions, through either individual or collective bargaining as they choose, within the boundaries of the law. We believe that the employer must have concern for the general welfare of the employee and that there must be a fair compensation for work performed. By the same token, we believe that the employee has an obligation for satisfactory performance of assigned work.

We support sound legislation in the areas of Workmen's Compensation, Safety and Unemployment Compensation. We believe legislation that embraces fair play for both the employer and employees is essential to the preservation of our Free Enterprise system. The law should protect the right of employees to work regardless of race, color, creed, sex or membership or non-membership in a labor organization. We support sound legislation, and the adoption of codes and standards to adequately protect lives and preserve property from the perils of fire in all types of occupancies.

We oppose violence, coercion, intimidation adn the denial of the rights of the free working man and free management.

We are devoted to the educational and training needs of the Merit Shop fire sprinkler contractor and the promotion of the automatic sprinkler concept.

We believe that the economy is incumbent upon all branches of government and that government should award contracts to the lowest responsible bidder only. We oppose any unjust pressure to violate these principles. We believe that monopolies of any kind, or price and wage fixing are detrimental to our system of Free Enterprise and that contractors can prevent these practices by becoming active in politics and civil affairs.

We believe that the destiny of all Americans can best be served by cooperation, reconciliation and following the tenets of Free Enterprise and democratic government. We encourage the growth and developments of these tenets.

All activities of the Chapter shall be conducted for the benefit of all members in the industry as a whole and not for the benefit of any particular member.