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  1.   “This weekend we lost a truly nice and genuine man whose passing marks the end of a legacy for the fire service,” NFPA’s Fire Service Segment Director Ken Willette said after hearing that former Phoenix Fire Chief and fire
  2. A common question we hear is “why is the code handbook so much bigger than the code?” To really see the difference, let’s look at one specific section of a code and the corresponding material found in the handbook. Below is what you see
  3. The First Draft Reports for NFPA documents in the Fall 2018 revision cycle are available. Review the First Draft Reports for use as background in the submission of public comments. The deadline to submit a public comment through the online system on any
  4. Before getting into this week’s Fire Code topic I want to highlight my coworker’s latest blog post, Planning for the unthinkable in assembly venues with the Life Safety Code.  Greg, a Principal Engineer in the Building Fire Protection
  5.   The NFPA Standards Council has received a New Project Initiation Request from the fire service asking NFPA consider developing an ANSI Accredited Standard to establish the minimum requirements for the effective contamination control of fire